Course Description

How Would You React In A Catastrophe?

Whether it’s before, during, or after disaster strikes, do you have a plan? Will your spouse and kids know what to do and can they rely on you to execute a path to safety? These are the things we will cover in this course: from the types of disasters you may potentially face, to making sure you have systems in place to get out before SHTF, we have you covered.

On the go? Don't worry, we've made this course mobile friendly! Also, if you don't have many of these materials that Dave talks about, we've included helpful links to make sure you have the same stuff that he has in his survival kit.

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Wilderness Survivalist

Dave Scott

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Avoiding Gridlock & How To Identify Chokepoints

    • Disaster Types

    • Gridlock

  • 2

    Section 1: Disaster (Be Willing To Leave)

    • Major Disaster Phases

    • Steps To Surviving Disaster

    • Mental Preparation

  • 3

    Section 1 Quiz

    • Take Quiz

  • 4

    Section 2: Planning And Preparation (Be Prepared To Leave)

    • Have A Plan pt.1

    • Have A Plan pt. 2

  • 5

    Section 2 Quiz

    • Take Quiz

  • 6

    Section 3: Gear (Be Able To Leave)

    • Be Prepared To Leave

    • Be Able To Leave

  • 7

    Section 3 Quiz

    • Take Quiz

  • 8

    Section 4: Storage

    • Bug Out Bags

    • The "Grab And Go" Bag

    • The Long Haul

    • Often Overloaded Gear

    • Food & Water Storage Tips

    • Fuel Storage Secrets

    • Vehicle Gear

  • 9

    Section 4 Quiz

    • Take Quiz

  • 10

    Section 5: Executing Your Plan (Knowing When To Leave)

    • Know When To Leave

    • Prepared to Survive

  • 11

    Section 5 Quiz

    • Take Quiz

  • 12


    • Recap & Conclusion

  • 13

    Gone Before Gridlock: The Ultimate Quiz

    • Are You Able To Escape Before Gridlock? Take The Final Test.

  • 14

    Bonus Material

    • Stashing Gear

    • The Go Bag Checklist

    • Surveillance Detection and Evasion